Here are posted some memories from those who knew and loved him. If you would like to post your thoughts or share a story about Mr. Colson here please email to:

   'I had the privilege of being coached by Mr. Colson at the Toronto Cricket in the 80’s and I enjoyed every minute of my time with him.  He loved the sport so much and it was so evident in his coaching style.  I then had the pleasure of attending a Frank Carroll seminar with him, this time we were both attending as coaches.  It was amazing to see him travel from Toronto to attend this seminar in Ottawa – he made such a commitment to his profession and was always open and willing to learn. 
     In 2005 Skate Canada honoured Mr. Colson with the Competitive Coach Excellence Award at the ACGM in Winnipeg (and there was some dancing at the Saturday night social)!  The picture is from that evening at the ACGM (Josée Landriault, Mr. Colson and I).  I am so happy that we were able to present him with this award when he was still with us. 
     Everyone will miss him dearly.  I’ll be thinking of him this weekend and will always have wonderful memories of him. '

Isabelle Cayer
Skate Canada Competitive Coaching Programs Manager

'Mr. Colson meant a lot to me, and I miss him very much. He was a wonderful, unique and brilliant man, who always took an interest in others. I have a very special place in my heart for him. He was the biggest supporter of my creative/interpretive skating, and an avid fan of my Spanish/Flamenco dancing. Once, during his Creative Movement class on the ice at the Cricket, he played the Spanish music for the entire hour, he knew how much I liked it. Everyone in attendance, whether they liked it or not, had to assume the Spanish character and execute the moves dictated by the music. Mr. Colson attended two of my flamenco dance performances in the past, and always asked me about upcoming performances. Unfortunately, he was too weak to attend my performance last June 2006. It was always such an honour for me to see him in the audience when I danced. On those nights, I danced just for him! I miss him very much.'
Flora Krasnoshtein

'Osborne was a partner in the Ice Theatre of Toronto. We did a performance at North York and Osborne did a piece. As Artistic director of ITOT Osborne Ellen Burka and myself shared a common vision. To bring Ice Theatre it Toronto in a live performance. The show was sold out people lined up outside and it was one of my most rewarding experiences in my life. I believe Osborne piece was a shadow of himself. He said to me with all that he had done in the sport it was the greatest pride to see the choreography and show itself be marketing in the Toronto Star as Arts and Entertainment not Sports. Why? Because we believe the ultimate performance in our great love of Figure Skating becomes a statement of Performance Art, and true Art has no rules and no regulations. For the first time in our lives we could choreograph with full freedom. For this Osborne said you gave me my ultimate opportunity. '
Joanne Mcleod

'As an adult skater, I took summer ice at the Cricket Club, and one of the classes I took was taught by Mr. Colson.  One evening he arrived in a mint green shirt and blazer with matching mint green cravat and told us that we would be spending the evening as "storks".  He retired to put his "feet on" and returned to teach the most creative class I have ever attended!  He was most meticulous with us and we worked very hard during his classes! He was a cordial and creative gentleman. '
Lianne Sherriff

    'Some of my fondest memories are of the summers I trained under Mr. Colson in Canada .  I skated with him first in Stamford , then for many years in Bracebridge, then Toronto , and Montreal .  Wherever he went his skaters followed.  He instilled good work habits, encouraging you to be the best you could be, and helping you to accomplish your goals.
     Thanks to him, reaching my Gold in figures and freestyle were possible.  He was amazingly creative, energetic, and enthusiastic, and expected hard work from his skaters.  The love of skating and working with him inspired me to go on and coach.  I kept in contact with Mr. Colson over the years.  I took some of my students from Cleveland to Toronto , so they could have the experience of working with him. 
     He was special and will be greatly missed! '

Barbara Squire Vero

'…I also had a bite to eat with Lauren Rose Natale (she skated out of Silver Blades back in the 60s). She was a student of Mr. C at that time....and did not see him for many, many years when her daughter began to skate at the Cricket.  She was amazed and tickled that he approached her saying "I know you, don't I?"  He was always a true gentleman, never forgetting a face.  He even seemed to remember that her father had passed, and only inquired after her mother.  I mentioned to her that such wonderful remembrances should be passed on, and just in case she doesn't come it is.'
Helen (Laurent) Holtham

'Mr.Colson taught me in in the late nineties and he had a wonderful personality and he taught me alot of new skating moves and excellent programs and he was always joking and enjoyed the sport that he loved so well. He was a good friend and everyone loved him at the Cricket Club when he was there. '
thanks Isabel Burden & Jennifer Burden