Remarks from Elaine Morgan
November 27/06

Mr. Colson founded and directed Bracebridge Summer Skating School from late June 1952 through to late August 1954. There was a great following of skaters from Cleveland Ohio. Each free skating session began with edges, forward outside, foward inside, back outside, back inside edges to music. Here, several ideas were worked out into numbers that would be included in carnival numbers later in the winter back in Toronto. Two of my favourites were ones he did with a large turquoise scarf as four skaters took each end and billowed it down the ice.  From underneath came an advanced skater to do a solo. It was Judy Lawrence Gooderham. The other was when the skaters were equipped with baton-like lights and in moving columns they twirlled them and lights flashed in circular motions around the arena.
On Thursday nights we put on a show for the citizens and cottagers around Bracebridge.  It was there a photographer- journalist was sent from the local paper to critique the skating.

In the middle of the second summer, my parents permitted me to have the whole school out to the cottage for swimming, running games and hot dogs and ice cream.  At the end of the second summer the Bracebridge Staff, Donald Laws and Mr.Osborne Colson arranged for a closing garden party to be held at the Holiday House and three prizes were awarded, 1st, 2nd and 3rd most improved skaters. 

Mr. Colson, while a disciplinarian was an absolute genius at choreography and while we worked hard at the school we had a great deal of fun at Bracebridge Summer Skating School.

During the winter of 1954 there was a request for a show to be brought up to Iroquois Falls for the opening of their new areana.  Our skaters were asked as the show was ready to be performed.  We occupied a whole C.N. train car and when we arrived it was in 6 feet of snow and we occupied the only hotel in town.  We performed, Friday and Saturday night and on Sunday the skating club gave us a tour of the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Mill followed by lunch and a presentation of Sterling Silver Bracelets for the girls.

I must say learning figure skating in Bracebridge left very happy memories forever in my mind.

Elaine Morgan