Special Figures
In Special Figures an accurate print is of the utmost importance and difficulty and originality are more important than good form. They did not lend themselves to harmonious, rhythmic performance and so they occupied a separate place in International competition.

According to Mr. George Sanders (American), the Most Famous Designer of Special Figures in the World, special figures,
'are all those figures designs which by their nature spoil the harmony of free skating...they ought, as far as possible, to be original, the creations of the artisitc faculty of each individual and a proof of his ability to adapt, combine and harmonize.'

Special figures came into vogue just before the turn of the twentieth century when an opportunity was given to the competitor to exhibit whatever special degree of proficiency he had attained in movements and drawings on the ice. These skaters, being masters of jumping, pirouettes, grapevines etc., all of which called both feet into play were required to submit their one-footed designs several days before the event..

Special figures are not school figures but use the elementary parts of school figures including supplementary figures such as beaks and cross-cuts to create fresh designs on the ice. 

Source: The Art of Skating. Irving Brokaw 1926
Engleman Star
Hugel Star
Beak and Three Star
Beak Eight
Figures of Rudolf Sungren