Senior Goals
Goals for the Mind
     -awareness of intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards
     -awareness of a periodized approach to training
     -build musical and movement appreciation
     -awareness of postural, facial and social gesture
     -introduce mental training
     -develop emotional control including activation and self-control
     -develop attentional control including concentration and recovering from a loss in concentration
     -develop a Pre-competition plan and Competitive strategy
     -develop an awareness of the Ideal Performance State
     -cope with fatigue
     -experience and develop effective communication
     -improve time management
     -understand basic anatomy
     -awareness of bio-mechanical principles
     -differentiating aesthetic and technical corrections
     -develop an interest in long-term participation in sports

Goals for the Body
     -address specific physical limitations: flexibility, strength (age-dependent), nutrition (parents)
     -sensory awareness including kinaesthetic sense
     -incorporate imagery in physical training
     -manipulate forces
     -use stage space
     -develop clarity
     -recognize rhythmic patterns in music and express rhythmic patterns in movement

Goals for the Spirit
     -increase self-reliance, self-evaluation, self-respect, self-determination, self- awareness, self-control,
     -build responsibility
     -build independence

3-6 years
-100-450 hours annually for STARSkaters; 300-750 annually for Competitive skaters
-development of the work capacity
-increase volume and intensity
-consolidation of good technique
-improve flexibility, co-ordination, enthusiasm, determination
-develop mental skills
-improve all motor skills

High Performance
1-10 years
500-800 hours annually for Competitive skaters
-achieve highest performance
-perfect motor abilities
-specify volume and intensity
-perfect and master technique and mental skills
-consolidate theory