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When I began coaching no previous experience or training was necessary or expected. Former skaters simply hung out their shingle and away they went. Over the years they either learned the art and science of coaching, or they didn't. Since then, a National Coaching Certification process has become mandatory and coaches are priveliged to have access to other opportunities for professional development such as seminars.

Integrating all the complex aspects of free skating training into an efficient and effective curriculum is a life-long pursuit. Training or not, every coach develops a central theory or way of being over time  that informs everything they do and from which all aspects of their training flows. This occurs whether they know it or not.  Good coaches know it, and work to refine, improve and expand it.

I love skating. I love doing it, I love watching it and I love coaching it. I have spent my life loving skating and I am fortunate to  have an opportunity to spread that love through my coaching. Sure, I enjoy the thrill of watching what an extremely rare and gifted skater can express on ice but I also know that skaters come in all different sizes and perform at many different levels, each with his own unique talents. So I have made it my coaching mission to be a conscientious resource, providing the most practical and accurate curriculum, training and information I can to enable every skater to experience the joy of skating and excel to the best of his unique ability.

Skating Ahead Of The Curve Seminars are now available to allow you to share my years of experiences and solutions. They are offered in the spirit of openess, innovation and to provide an opportunity for others to have the head-start in developing their own curriculum that I didn't have in my early years of coaching.
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Cheryl Richardson
NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach
Skate Canada Technical Specialist

Contact Cheryl at:
905 642 5312 
(Toronto, Canada)
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