Seminar Ideas

Each of these modules can stand-alone or be combined with others to create your perfect seminar. Once you have determined your target audience and the amount of time you have, pick the topics you want and design your own custom seminar. Off ice classes are supported by power point presentations and exercises that illustrate concepts step-by-step. Q & A time is provided in every seminar.

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TECHNIQUE CLASSES (1 hour on ice  minimum recommended)
Traditional seminar structure

Technique classes available for all levels. Classes available in:
     * Jumps
     * Spins
     * Stroking
     * Edges & Turns
Imagery for Technique and Performance included in every class

LONG TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT (LTAD) (2 hours off ice minimum recommended)
Organized learning for an early-specialization sport.

Learn how stages of maturation can impact training decisions. An overview of the factors that influence free skating performance and a plan for organizing their introduction and training to maximize ice and lesson time. Includes:
     * Components of Free Skating Performance
     * Talent
     * General Training Principles
     * Periodization
     * Training Volume
     * Skill Acquisition Schedule
     * Training For Free Skating
     * Measuring Success

BUILDING BETTER SKATERS (2 hours off ice minimum recommended)
Practical guidelines for implementing LTAD plans.

Complete level-by-level curricula for developing skaters from their first steps on the ice to the Gold Test. Learn how to organize lesson plans to maximize individual skaters' ice and lesson time. Plan effective group lessons. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning. Includes:
      * Progress Charts and Report Cards
      * The Art & Science of Coaching
      * Curricula
1001 DRILLS (1 hour off + 1 hour on ice minimum recommended)
A comprehensive guide to choosing and using drills for every occasion

Drills are important at every level from Beginner to Gold test. This seminar shows you not only a variety of effective drills but which ones should be selected for what purpose, when they should be introduced, performance standards, how to put together an effective drill sequence and how to run a drill session. Includes:
     * Stroking / Creative Stroking (Creative Movement experience is advantageous)
     * Edge Turn Exercises
     * Challenge Games
     * Choosing Music Appropriate for Drills

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (1 hour on + 1 hour off minimum recommended)
Explore the artistic elements of skating spontaneously through personal investigation.

On ice Creative Movement classes provide an introduction to this fun-filled fundamental activity for artistic growth. Includes:
     * Fully guided on-ice class
     * Specially edited musical accompaniment for each exercise

Creative Movement classes, off ice, provide an overview of the uses of Creative Movement and how anyone with a desire to improve artistry can learn to deliver Creative Movement classes whether you think you have a creative streak or not.  Learn how just 15 minutes a week can have a noticeable impact on artistic development. Includes:
     * Lesson plans
     * Evaluation guidelines
     * Choosing music appropriate for Creative Movement exercises
     * Preparing and facilitating classes to promote an effective learning enviroment

(1 hour on + 1 hour off minimum recommended)
How to use Interpretive Skating to improve overall artistic performance in all branches.

nterpretive Skating is the formalization of Creative Movement. Learn what makes a successful Interpretive programme, how to choose an appropriate theme and music and tips for choreographing effective programmes. Includes:
The anatomy of an Interpretive programme from concept to conclusion.
      * The 'Creative Movement- Interpretive Skating' link.
      * The 'Interpretive Skating - Competitive Programme' link.

MUSIC AND CHOREOGRAPHY (2 hours off ice minimum recommended)
Choosing and using music and movement

See how lessons learned in Creative Movement and Interpretive Skating are applied to test and competitive performances. An overview of the creative and choreographic process. Designing effective programmes. Technical and artistic strategic programme construction. Includes:
     * Choosing and Editing  Music
     * The Choreographic Process
     * Teaching Artistry
ICE SHOWS (2 hours off ice minimum recommended)
Can be tailored to suit either a coaching and/or administrative perspective.

     * Sample Running Orders
     * Music- choosing, editing, musical flow overall
     * Casting 'how-to'
     * Reheasals - scheduling, conducting
     * Tips for A Successful Show (props, lighting, promotion, managing human resources etc.)

What you need to know about the new judging system and how it impacts today's skater.
    * Overview
    *  Well Balanced Programmes.
     * Simple & Difficult Variations
     * Levels- spins, spiral and step sequences
     * Grades of Execution
     * Programme Component Scores
     * Reading Details Sheets

THE HISTORY OF SKATING (1 hour off ice)
Learn about the history of skating from the beginning to the present day. Trace today's skating rules back to their roots.

Private, semi-private or group consultation available
    *  Well Balanced Programme and other CPC monitoring
     * Choreography
     * Technique
     * Individual planning
     * Group lesson monitoring

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