Junior Goals
     -basic rules of figure skating
     -use of the ice for practice
     -basic skill technique
     -pushing from both edges

     -deeper involvement
     -awareness and control of movement
     -team spirit, harmony, support and co-operation
     -performing in front of peers
     -reading intention in others
     -increasing concentration

     a) Perception of Movement
           -repeating shapes and pathways
           -following movement through space
           -recognizing steps
           -movement combinations
     b) Perception of Rhythm
           -organic rhythm
           -introduction to skating music
     c) Articulation
           -backbone, hip joint, head, legs and arms
     d) Opposition
           -legs, arms and torso

     -multiple twisting, turning and leaning tasks
     -planting and twisting on the toe
     -changing the balance point
     -pushing the ice
     -introductory acceleration and deceleration in the skating and free side
     -internal and external rotation of the hip joint
     -simple development, control and manipulation of force