Field Figures
The schedule of figures skated throughout the 1900's began with the exploration and development of various edges and turns 'in the field' in the second half of the 19th century. These turns and edges were eventually used in all other forms of figures-skating.

In England, before the formalization of Figures, great attention was paid to the form necessary to execute edges and turns and many hours were spent analyzing and perfecting them. This devotion to technique became known as the English style of skating.

Photo: A System of Figure Skating. H.E. Vandervell & T. Maxwell Witham. 1874
The Spectacles
The Crosscut- Another Method
The Crosscut
     Grapevines originated in Canada and were figures skated on two feet.
Single Grapevine
Double Grapevine
Philadelphian Grapevine
Pennsylvanian Grapevine