Casting should accurately reflect the composition and interests of the members of the club. This means both STARSkate and Competitive Stream skaters as well as the various branches of figure skating should be evident in features, semi-features and group numbers. Examples of criteria for feature, semi-feature and group numbers follows.

   1. Canadian, Divisional, Sectional and StarSkate National competitors
   2. Club Competition Winners (excluding Solo Dance)
   3. COS STARSkate Winners

Feature numbers will be 1- 2 minutes in length. The Carnival Director will choose the music.

Semi-Features (numbers with approximately 8 or less participants):
   1 Club Competition Solo Dance- 1st and 2nd place winners
   2. Off year Club Competition Free Skate winners
   3. Skaters who have passed any complete Gold test as of the February test day.
Semi-feature numbers may not necessarily be performed on clear ice or with separate music; they may be
included as part of a group number, therefore, music timing is difficult to determine. As a rule these skaters
should be featured for no less than 1 minute. 

Features may be performed in either half- not necessarily in the half that includes members of that session.

In general, group numbers with more skaters will be longer than group numbers with fewer skaters.

The size of the group will be determined by the needs of the number, the availability and size of compatible
skaters and, in large part, by the availability of costumes.

Groups may or may not be comprised of similar skaters or similar branches of skating such as solo dance

No group number will be less than 1 minute and 15 seconds in length.

Guest Skater(s)
The aim of amateur figure skating carnivals is to provide an opportunity for skaters to demonstrate their entertainment and skating skills before an audience comprising mainly parents and friends.

A charming celebration of our club and its members through the skill and efforts of our own skaters is possible without hiring a guest performer. However, carnivals usually do hire a guest for a number of reasons not the least of which is to provide an opportunity for skaters to experience better skating up close. These skaters may be professional or amateur depending on the wealth and philosophy of the club. Good guest skaters promote the virtues of skating- a dedication to performance, skill, readiness and enthusiasm.