Basic Ear Training For Skaters
Skaters! Judges and coaches often say skaters need to work on their timing or musicality. But what do they mean by that!? Finally, here is a book you can use to learn timing and hear music.

Coaches! Lesson time is so limited it is almost impossible to teach musicality during lessons. This book can help skaters learn a bit about the basics in their own time allowing on-ice lessons to go faster and smoother.

Parents! You know your child needs work on musicality but you donít know how to help. This book can help set him on the right path.

Basic Ear Training For Skaters is an interactive package that includes a 36 page book and a 39 track CD. The CD includes musical examples of the information in the book. Included are the following topics. Click on the links to see sample pages and hear samples of the musical examples:

*What Is Ear Training?
* The History of Music
* Musical Ingredients
The Beat
* Tempo-
inc. Accelerando, Ritardando...
* Rhythm-
inc. Downbeats & Backbeats, Hearing Invisible Beats, Rhythmic Pattern Exercises...
* Dynamics-
inc. Piano & Forte, Feeling Sound Waves...
* Timbre- i
nc. Families of Instruments, Changing the Sound...
* Melody-
inc. Beat, Harmony, Melody...
Expression- inc. Phrasing...
* Musical Notation-
inc. Notes, Bars, Time Signature, Combining Notes, Rests...
* Choreography-
inc. Music, Movement, Counting Music...
* Definitions

To hear pages with musical accompaniment you will need a plug-in like QuickTime that supports audio-x wav.files

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Basic Ear Training For Skaters was written by Cheryl Richardson and may not be reproduced without her permisssion. Copyright 2003, Cheryl Richardson

The accompanying CD was composed and played by Richard Gilliland and Cheryl Richardson and may not be reproduced without their permission. Copyright 2003, Richard Gilliland & Cheryl Richardson