Annual Training Volume
This chart shows the relationship between on-ice training hours and stream. The legend for interpreting the zones on the chart can be found below the chart.

Recommended annual and total training volumes are shown for the STARSkate Stream- achieving either the Gold test before University (blue zone) and the Competitive Stream- those who wish to compete at a World-class or World-leading level (pink zone). This chart represents 10,000+ hours total career training volume for the Competitive Stream. Skaters who fall outside of these zones in relation to their prefered stream might want to re-evaluate their goals and expections. It is unrealistic to expect to achieve certain levels of progress if one does not schedule an appropriate amount of ice time. That said, each skater is unique and training volume should serve individual needs.

The chart can be used to plot annual training volume over time by keeping accurate attendance records and marking the training volume for each year with a dot. Record actual hours skated, not just  hours registered to skate. Use the chart on the next page,
Determining Weekly On-Ice Training Volume, to determine how many hours a week are necessary to  to satisfy training objectives.
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Below Maintenance

Skaters are not skating enough and are in danger of losing skill previously acquired and/or will have difficulty acquiring new skill.

STARSkate (Recreational) Stream
Hours appropriate for skaters wishing to participate in the STARSkate Stream.

'No Man's Land'

These skaters are likely skating too much for a recreational skater and not enough to be successful in the Competitive stream.

Competitive Stream
Hours appropriate for skaters wishing to be successful in the Competitve Stream

Over Training
Skaters may be risking injury and/or burnout by skating too many hours.